Friday, May 14, 2010

Accounting Time (Updated With Links)

As I have been packing my stuf for the move it has given me a chance to look over and really get a handle on what all I have in my miniatures collection and how much of it really needs work. I am not really in a position to count figures but I can list the projects I have going right now. This is a list of projects that have been started or are ongoing. This is not a complete list or catalog of the minis I have. This is going to be scary -

[Editor's Note: After Mik's comment on wanting to see some of my stuff, I decided to put in links to posts that show some of the miniatures listed]

Super System - Two teams.
  • Capture Inc. (5 Ikore Figs)
  • Cosmic Enforcers (5 converted Superfigs)
15mm VSF
15mm Post Apocalyptic/Sci-fi
15mm Zombie Survival
15mm WW2
  • FOW Mid-War Falschirmjager Company - 40% painted
  • 3 15mm Panzer IVs
  • 2 15mm Brumbars - 2 painted
  • 3 15mm Tiger Tanks
  • 12 Halftracks
  • 2 8-wheeled scout cars - 2 painted
  • 2 four-wheeled scout cars - 2 painted
  • 5 field cars - 5 painted
  • 2 Opal Blitz halftracks
  • 1 Jagdtiger
  • 1 King Tiger
  • 4 Panzer IIIMs
  • 3 Stugs - 3 painted
  • 2 Marder IIs - 2 painted
  • 1 Marder III painted
15mm Wierd War 2
28mm Gutshot
  • 12 assorted Wild West Gun Fighters
  • Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope Uncle Same to be painted as an Undertaker.


  1. this is a good list of stuff eli!

  2. Brother, you need to start posting some pics of that 15mm sci-fi and post-apoc stuff!!!

  3. I think I've already posted pics of the stuff that's done enoug hto post. You just have to go looking for it in the blog :)

  4. Ack!

    How could I forget. I knew I left something out. Yes, there is my 2mm Martian army for Land Ironclads.

  5. Is that all? C'mon, you really need more projects.

  6. LOL, no I really don't. Those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Got any pics of the Supers, Eli?


    (deleted previous comment due to spellin'. This old keyboard's dying...)

  9. Alas I do not consider them fit for pics yet. They are still i nthe early stages.


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