Monday, May 18, 2009

Return of the Zombie Beasties

Hey all,

While my buddy at work had his camera out I had him snap a few pics of a few my older conversions that I wished I could get a better look at and so I've decideed to post them here.

The first set are my zombie piggies. I love these guys. Pigs are nasty enough as it is without having them be crazed undead creatures. The one on the right is my favorite as he is dragging his inside under and behind him.


The next few pics are of my zombie pooches. These guys were fun and rather easy to convert. In both cases mistakes turned out to make for really good gore. A good example of this is the hanging jaw on the Dalmatian. Also on both the pigs and the dogs, the ribs were a byproduct of the knife work to gouge out the metal to make the cavities.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I have plans for more undead animals as the minis present themselves.

Have fun,



  1. Gotta hate it when yer entrails become yer out-trails, y'know?

    Brrraaaiiinnssss... oink!

  2. I flubbed this post actually. I'll be adding the pics of the doggies later today.


  3. I find the current pop-culture interest in zombies to be an intriguing phenomenon. What's behind it all?

    I'm easily grossed-out, so I steer clear of zombies. I prefer my undead to be completely stripped of their icky rotting organs (skeletons)!

  4. I think zombies fit several underlying fears and therefore maintain a certain timelessness. They can represent our fears of the dead, our fear of contagion, they can represent our fears of society turning upside down. World War Z also showed that they could be used as a vehicle for socioeconomic commentary.

    Though skeletons are cool, they really do not offer the same range as zombies do and don't resonate with as many people on as many levels.



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