Monday, December 7, 2009

Wasteland Robots

One of the projects I've been working on involves converting Wizkids Mechwarrior mechs into robots for 15mm post-apocalyptic gaming. Most of these have required very little work except for a few touch-ups to the paint and some weathering to expose bare metal from under the paint. I didn't do a lot of rusting or anything on these because I want them to have that weathered future look and to me the future means shiny metal that doesn't rust (well sometimes anyway). Two of the robots I did represent renegade Russian combat robots and are known as "Red Bots" both for their color and their origin. The pics below are crappy WIP pics taken with my camera phone.

There ya go. The Red Bots now have a nasty green optice in the middle of that dark void in the front of their heads. For the two yellow industrial robots on the right of the bottom pic, I turned the torsos around on the body, flipped the arms and painted the glass cockpit as a metal power source or something on the back. The original back parts of the robot, make a pretty cool head in my opnion. As for the robot on the left, I removed the original cockpit for the mech that was located at the crotch area. It looked dumb and the robot looks better without na obvious head or cockpit. The white and read one is a power loader sort of deal that I wanted to give a space age look.




  1. Looks great, simple to pull off and they'll be fantastic on the tabletop...and I've got a shoebox of these in the garage to boot!

    I'll have to 'borrow' this idea for sure, I foresee 15mm in my future. You're just basing them right on their clicker bases too, aren't you?

  2. I have done the same with some 15mm mech warrior. They are on my page ;) These look great Eli and thanks for the idea!

  3. I am basing them right on the bases. I do cut them off the bases and then romive the raised heat dial thingy. I then glue them more centrally on the base, glue the base so it won't rotate and then fill the reading slit with putty or cover it with the mech's feet.


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