Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MEC Troops Spotted

I have been talking about my Manchurian Economic Combine (MEC) for some time now and just thought I'd post a quick post to show off some of the paint work I've been doing on them. Unfortunately, they are a bit dark, but as far as WIP pics go, they could be worse.


The overall design uses a Valejo Dark Camo Green over a black base coat. A made an attempt to add a bit of variety by using some Brown and a sort of Dark Yellow color from my craft paint supply for camo. I first painted on irregular Brown splotches and then slashed in some yellow streak and plotches over that. This created an almost sort of tiger stripe effect. The camouflage was mostly kept to the arms and legs with the main body being kept the basic green. This gives a look of a monochrome vest over fatigues look. For accents, I kept the boots and guns black but painted some of the magazines on the guns in a medium green.

Overall, they look okay and will stand up on the table defined from other forces. The figures used are Peter Pig Iraeli figs found in their AK-47 line. This gives them a down to earth mid-tech look. They are armed with Galil assault rifles which are not immediately recognizable as any other popular assault rifle.




  1. Nice paint scheme! Is this for a futuristic game?

  2. Yes, this is for a sci-fi setting. The MEC are a unified mainland Asia moved into space. They go with the Combat Walkers in the post here

  3. They look solid. Good, gritty, down-to-earth color scheme.


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