Thursday, July 30, 2009

Manchurian Economic Combine Combat Walkers - 15mm Sci-fi WIP


Good day to you all,

It's been an interesting week. Super hot temperatures for our area (103-110F) have kept my happy butt inside, surrounded by as many fans as possible. As this makes thinks only mostly manageable at home, I have taken to doing most of my painting at work. This has allowed me a potential 10 hours a day to convert an paint. Don't worry, I do still work, but my work leave my hands mostly free and I am a consummate multitasker.

As I have been able to make some progress on my 15mm sci-fi forces, I thought I would show off the mostly finished MEC Combat Walkers that I have been converting from 28mm AT-43 TacArms battlesuits. As you can see, they have had the bulky underarm weapons removed and new paint jobs applied. They are still awaiting proper weapons - something I am still unsure of - as well as basing and any final details I decide to add.

Photobucket Photobucket
There are currently 9 of the standard model combat walkers and 3 anti-armor assault units. The current plan is to operate them in units of the 3 - Officer/NCO and two troopers. This may seem a bit light but they are intended not so much for open field combat but close in fighting in tight, rugged terrain.

The assault units are an attachment from higher in the TO&E that are deployed when contact with armor is a high possibility or when a strong point needs bashing in. The weapons on the the support walkers are stock from the original models, though I have applied new PSB to the jump pack on the backs of them, redefining them as a generator with attached cooling fins for the heavy plasma projector. The plasma projector is just the flamer of the original model repainted to get rid of all the bright "look it's got fire" colors. I PSB the original fuel tank as a storage tank for the reaction mass of the projector (think Hammer's Slammer's power guns).


The combat walkers have had any scale specific details either cut away or covered up and additional kit sculpted on in grey stuff. I also added some draped or bundled camo netting which I found was easy to do with grey stuff and a little knife work.


The SS command stand in the front was kind enough to volunteer for scale reference.

Thanks and enjoy,


  1. Looking good. I like the idea of using the 28's with your 15's

  2. Thank you.

    A lot of good results can be achieved by rescaling 28mm into 15mm. Rescaling in general is a good idea.


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