Tuesday, December 18, 2007

15mm Sci-Fi Conversion

I know I had mentioned posting some stuff from back before the blog, so thought I'd lead off with this one. A while back I had started working on a 15mm scale homebrew sci-fi setting placed in a pretty gritty universe of politics and nation on nation conflict. This was to be a setting that wasn't too far removed, politically and socially speaking, from our own world. I had kicked around a number of ideas, and while I was planning my faction, started working on a few models to get thing rolling. The first one I came up with was this thing.

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Though the modelling is a bit crude (never claimed to be any kind f grand master) it is effective and nicely converts an WW2 American M20 Scout Car into a hovercraft skimmer with just a little green stuff. I managed to get about three of these done, crewing them with Peter Pig 15mm Israeli Vehicle Crew.

We have yet to play in this setting, though I do continue to tinker with it. If anything, it makes for a great side project to work at every once in a while.


  1. How come I havent seen this before - fantastic! And so simple it shames me to think I havent done this before...

  2. Lol,

    These have been here for a bit. I switched to using DAS modelling clay instead of the green stuff. I might try grey stuff, but the green stuff is too hard to work with.

  3. Any hints for my own 15mm mdoern vehicle conversion to grav and GEV style undercarriages?

  4. To be honest. I haven't done too many (five so far). What kind of tips were you looking for.
    The biggest one I could say about the process of making the skirts is not to worry to much about it looking pretty. You can assume that the skirts would be getting pretty beat up.Mistakes and open seams can be covered by patchs (field repairs) or hanging kit like tarps, tool boxes, camo netting, etc.

    If I could figure out a way to pull it off, I'd mold and cast some generic skirts of various sizes. From there it's just a matter of matching them with appropriate-sized vehicles and usig a little bit of fiddling to get everything to look right. At least in theory.


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