Monday, February 15, 2010

[15mm Scifi] Manheim Freikompanie

Presented here are the mostly painted figures for a science fiction mercenary force I am doing for my 15mm scifi games. I have named them the Manheim Freikompanie and they are converted from some old 15mm Flames of War WW2 Germans. You may recall I posted the pictures of the raw conversions some time back. I've had these painted to their current state for a bit now, but only recently had a camera to snap pics. I still want to add some highlights and have yet to base and wash them.

The MFK forces are almost entirely made up of infantry and specialize in assault and anti-armor roles. They are not the largest, or best funded of mercenary units but they make it count. Each member of the unit (only two companies strong) is issued with a HK352 Laser Carbine, camouflage cloak and an info-helmet that interfaces wirelessly with the advanced optics of the carbine's sites. They wear standard environmental fatigues with additional armor at the shoulders and upper torso.

For anti-armor capabilities, the MFK incorporate either man-portable railguns or smart rockets, but those will be detailed in a future post.

The visor of the helmets can be lowered to cover most of the face, protecting the trooper from fragments and also providing a HUD from which he can monitor battlefield communication, troop movements and use the remote sighting systems of his weapon. Vision systems operate along multiple spectrums using multiple redundant pinhole cameras to relay outside sensory input to the wearer. Though the helmet covers the soldier's ears, they are both augmented and protected by the info-helmet's systems allowing him to tune up his hearing into the ultra- and sub-sonic ranges but also dampening any sound or sudden noises that could potentially incapacitate or harm the wearer.
The standard weapon of the MFK forces, the HK352 is a high energy weapon with an effective range out to 600 meters. As a laser weapon its range can go out much farther but at considerable loss of potential energy and beam cohesion. This range can be extended by adjusting the battery output of the rifle, allowing the individual soldier to convert his carbine into a weapon suitable for sharpshooting out to an effective range of 1200 meters. Using the weapon in this manner severely shorten the battery life of the weapon's internal battery pack (located in the stock). Battery life can be extended by the use of an external battery pack, often mounted on the belt or field pack of the soldier.

The HK352 has an integral smart scope that can feed information to an info-helm via wireless uplink or within its own micro-screen. Using the laser emissions of the HK352, this siting system can also be used as a laser designattion system as well as operating as a laser microphone, allowing the soldier to do duty as a forward observer. These systems are also an invaluable asset in the MFK's chosen roles as assult forces, alowing them to monitor and evaluate a building at range by scanning the sounds coming from within and then allowing them to designate hard targets for kill by associated support assets (usually provided by their employer or another external unit).

A further modification of the HK352 incorporates a barrel extension that functions as a field enhancers, allowing the laser to extend to an effective range of nearly 2km. This extension requires the use of a bipod and the energy used in this capacity mandates the use of an external power source for any more than a few shots.

The Ultra Shroud is a medium level form of adaptive camouflage using smart pigmentation and interpretive integrated firmware to change its color and patterning to blend in with its surroundings. It also has the ability to defuse infrared signatures, causing the wearer to blend into his surroundings on IR sensors. Only the best eyes or analytical software can discern the wearer from the surrounding IR clutter.
The use of a cloak rather than fatigues made from similar materials is a cost-cutting measure made by Udo Manheim. Purchasing adaptive camouflage in large shapes like tarps and cloaks is cheaper and requires less work to maintain and repair than entire garments made from similar materials. This also allows members of the MFK to use any fatigues they can secure, regardless of the source, and still benefit from the same level of concealment as the rest of their unit.


  1. Great stuff! You have some nice fluff to go along with it. I can see it as an interesting mercenary contingent say in a Traveller-type setting. Your camo pattern reminds me of a cross between something from the waffen ss and the old soviet frontoviki outfits.

  2. Thanks!

    I do take a good amount of inspiration from Traveller as well as 2300 AD and the GZG "canon" universe.

  3. Superb. Great background work and excellent painting.


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