Thursday, May 13, 2010

[Labyrinth Lord] Anna's Game - A Sad Development

Despite her good solid start, it looks like short attention spans won out. Todays game session fizzled for Anna when her friend playing the fighrer decided that she was tired of sitting around, talking, and rolling dice. Anna's did make an attempt to keep her player but alas the group has already fizzled. the remaining players seem to have been turned off the game by the conflict and have gone on to play their own game of live-action role-playing.

Unfortunately, I think Anna's controlling personality may have come into play here. The one friend was not wanting to play today and was rather strong in her opnion. Anna, being the girl she is, tried to fight for what she wanted and pressed the issue more than she should have, escalating what should have been a simple case of "okay another time". The friend left the group badly and the other two were left a bit off-put by the situation.

I have talked to Anna and explained to her a few ways she might salvage the game. The girls are all still friends, even though moods may have soured on the game for now. I suggested to Anna to give it a bit of time and offer the option to pick the game up at another time. Hopefully she'll be able to salvage some part of this and return to the fun it's supposed to be. Evidentally, the girl that voiced the initial disinterest has a tendancy toward modo swings and Anna thinks even she might be salvaged as a player.

The big bummer to this whole story, however it plays out, is that this summer we are moving away from the area and Anna will no longer be going to school with these girls. I'd be alright with them visiting the new home, but parents in this area are a bit wierd about their kids and tend to keep them on pretty short leashes.

Stay tuned folks,



  1. I hope everything works out OK. I hate it when things like this happen. I've had to play moderator a time or two and I've even caused a fair share of squabbles in my youth.

  2. We've all been there, Anna... sometimes more often than we care to admit. Don't get discouraged and good luck!

  3. Eh, that's sucks, but probably shouldn't be unexpected. Everything like this is a learning experience, and GMing your game is no different. Most GMs go through the experience of learning to work with the rest of a group, moreso than players. It's a good life lesson, overall.

  4. I hope the campaign recommences soon!

  5. It's understandable. In fact, I'll volunteer that it happens in grown-up games as well!

    I hope she gets to GM again soon. :)

  6. I offered her the chance to GM the next adventure in our at home campaign.

  7. It's a shame. I remember falling out with girlfriends a lot at that age. Let's hope it can be salvaged.


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