Sunday, October 24, 2010

Uhul Adventure Seeds

What can I say, the Uhul really hit the spot for me. Well before I decided to make them the subject of my first sculpting attempts, I was already very much creating their background and personality with a little help from Will over at Green Skeleton Gaming Guild. These creatures are the sort of beasty that really creates adventures and as such, I thought I'd post a few adventure seeds stemming from the Uhul.
  1. The Uhul have been hunting too much, eating everything that lives and leaving nothing for anyone else.
  2. Travellers have been disappearing and it looks like the Uhul are the culprits.
  3. Uhul have been raiding the village taking people away.
  4. Uhul have been stealing livestock, leaving little for the villagers themselves.
  5. An ancient item lost to the Uhul must be recovered.
  6. An Uhul shaman has summoned up a horrible curse.
  7. A person (PC or NPC) has fallen under the effects of one of the Uhul's bone fetishes.
  8. The Uhul have pushed another humanoid race out of its regular territory.
  9. The Uhul have flushed some dangerous beast out of its regular habitat.
  10. An Uhul fledgling is found alone in the wilderness.
Of course how these seeds grow into full adventures is another matter. None of them need be follow verbatim and I'm sure there are other ideas that I have missed.




  1. Here's one I just came up with.

    "How many licks?"

    A villager (female, male, elf, halfling whatever) has recently stumbled upon the great riddle of the hydra's tongue. They have been granted their very own kingdom but in order to gain the kingdom they must first seek out the Wisest of the Uhul and ask them "Mr. Owl, how many licks does a hydra take to devour a halfling?" If they can guess correctly they will be granted their own kingdom! If they answer incorrectly they are immediately devoured by the Wise Uhul and the Secret of Nimh is lost forever!

  2. In all seriousness though this is a really cool race!


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