Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monster-Blood Tattoo: Well, cheers, dear friends.

If you recall, I had mentioned the wonderful fantasy series known originally as the "Monster Blood Tattoo" and now the "Foundling" trilogy.

The author, who is also the artist, creator, cook, chief political officer, etc etc on this series (he really doe a lot) posted some pictures of his concepts for some of the vessels and uniforms of his work in a post on his blog Monster-Blood Tattoo: Well, cheers, dear friends.

I am sorry, I cannot help but think that his designs would make a killer miniatures game. Due to the scope of his battles and such, I'd love to see it in 16mm, but regardless I think his blend of 18th century chic and alchemical magic and fantasy would make one hell of a game to play. I even said so on a comment on his blog.

Check it out,



  1. At least two 18th C. wargamers took the plunge: 'El Grego' with Threwdishways and 'Tradgardmastare' with The Lamplighters Haven. Excintingly promising!

    Btw, despite the vocabulary used, the series is Science-Fiction rather than Fantasy: no supernatural 'magic' but extremely advanced (weird) biology and biochemistry instead of the mechanics and physics of 'normal' Sci-Fi; some details remind me of A planet named Shayol...

  2. I too discovered this little gem of a series awhile back. And agree with the gaming potential.

  3. It came across very alchemical to me which si why I was hesitant to call it fantasy. I suppose it's ultimately a thin line.

    I hang my head in shame about not knowing that El Grego was doing this in mini as he's a guy from my area (well a bit aways but still).



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