Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dollar Store Find - Dinosaur Skeletons

One of the fun things about getting dragged around with the wife is that she doesn't mind me poking my head about in dollar stores or wandering off to other aisles while she is looking for this and that. Today I found these little gems at a local Dollar Tree.

The shadowy figure in between them is a short, 28mm druid figure. These figures may not be perfectly scaled but at $1 for two skeletons you can forgive a little sensationalist sizing. What's more, there are at least two other packs, though I did not pick them up. All three would provide you with a museum's worth of dino bones for a Pulp game. 

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  1. ...perhaps adding modelling clay to put 'meat' on those bones for a unique critter encounter?

  2. Definitely! Though I suppose even animated skeletons are likely. I think I will leave them in the general use box.

  3. Nice. Don't forget to put just half the clay on them too, if you do, for that unexpected zombie dinosaur encounter!

  4. Yowza! I grabbed a couple of those as well! I found the one on the left and a pachycephalosaurus.

    I had them animated by the zombie master on the Isle of Dread. The party's half-ogre drank his Potion of Flying (actually Delusion) and spent the entire combat "flying" around in the dirt...

  5. Wow, your party member ended up better off than our guy did. In our game the guy who drank the potion of Delusion also thought he could fly but he ran around making swooshing sounds with his arms out to his side.

  6. I picked those up at the 100-yen store in Japan a few years back.

    Cut up and reassembled the T-Rex body, Triceratops head and Pterodon wings to make a skeletal dragon.

    WV: expdf--noun, current term for WotC's collection of books and modules they acquired from TSR.

  7. I would slice them up the middle and glue them to a base to make a great piece of terrain.

    Great find.


  8. Dragon Magazine 166 published a set of rules for toy soldiers vs dinosaurs. How about using them to fight undead dinosaurs?

  9. Great find! I may have to check out the local Dollar Tree myself!

  10. Very useful stuff. The zombie dinosaur sounds fun. Plus, I could use them for Venusian terrain... Oh, yeah, I think I may have to see if there are any locally. Eli, if you drop back by that store, let me know, huh? I could use a pack or two of them.


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