Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meet The Carebolds

Cursed by the gods, these few kobolds have been destined to try to fight their "better" nature and spread cheer, good will, and positivity to the world. Each of them has been gifted with a specific aspect that grants them particular powers byond those of typical kobolds. These aspect of each of the Carebolds, as they have been named, can be easily determined by the symbol emblazened upin their abdomens.

The shame these good will marks have brought these kobolds has turned them into bitter beasties, but to deny their curse is to consign themselves to an eternity with it. Only when the gods have determined that they have spread enough psotivity and good will to make up for the malice they perpetrated will the curse be lifted.

Any attempt to hide the marks on their abdomens will fail, causing clothing to burn away, armor to fall to pieces, mud to cleanse itself, etc, etc. This has made their plight even more miserable as they cannot conceal their natures nor can they really protect themselves with protection enough to keep up their usual mischief.

What is worse is that this condition seems to be contageous to other humanoids and there have been several other creatures afflicted with the curse. Orcs, bugnears, and even gnolls and hobgoblins are now counted among these "Carebold Cousins".

The following aspects of good will and positivity have been identified and provide the following spell-like abilities. All abilities are considered at 10th level where level is needed and save vs spell does apply against any of the effects. Other effects may exsist, but thse are the only ones to have been identified at this time.

Luck (clover): luck, as the spell 3 time/day. This effect is automatically granted to creatures other than the Carebolds themselves who come in contact with the creature marked with the clover symbol.

Friendship (rainbow): the creature marked with this symbol radiates the effects of a friends spell in a 30' radius.

Happiness (smiling face): this creature creates an aura of happiness and good cheer in a 30' radius. No hostile action can be taken within this radius.

Love (heart): all creatures within 30' of this creature feel a sense of love and brotherhood with one another.

Wish (star): this creature can use the wish spell once a day.

Sunshine (sun): a creature so marked radiates continual light within a 30' radius at all times.

I hope you have enjoyed this humorous bit of monster making. The drawings were simply doodles that caught on and I figured it might be fun to give them some sort of game mechanic.


  1. When in a group, they can use their Carebold Scold, a cacophony of castigation against the target's previous evil deeds which will magically change their alignment from Evil or Neutral to Good (not impacting Lawfulness or Chaoticness). Only a Wish or a Miracle can restore the target's former alignment.


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