Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gratuitous Fantasy Art Dump

Hello all,

I have bene in a doodling and drawing mood the last few days and as such have come up with a mess of this and that that I cannot really find a specific use for. I am posting them here with the hopes that somebody will find them inspiring, useful or just plain neat. Some of them may need a bit of cleaning up as they are raw scans of the stuff right off the page. If you should want to or decide to use them, feel free. All I ask is that you give me credit for the art and share with me a link, email, or other heads-up on what you do with them.

Thanks and enjoy,



  1. That's some sweet stuff. I declare them all creatures of Sarterra.

    We have: ape from the frozen north, a fearsome beast sometimes trained for war by the Northmen.

    ...a pygmy demi-human race inhabiting the tropical archipelago around Wedito and Vectis.

    ...a dinosaur-like scavenger from the caverns of the Darque.

    ...corrupted, magically animated fungus soldiers from the Acarus, sent to infect the foodstocks of the Krolyks.

    ...jackal-headed Shadouf sorcerer servant of Nesut Ammon.

    ...savage demi-humans from the frozen south, often enslaved by the evil elves of the polar mountains.

  2. That dinosaur would work well for my inner earth. :)

  3. Well, you have very good drawing skills, I appreciate your characters!

    thanks for sharing,

  4. Duck Sauce, I am afraid you are terribly mistaken about that mushroom man. He is the result of an accidental spill of Professor Vardu's Life Serum on a toadstool. They are becoming a real nuisance on Venus. The Germans have sent off for a batch of fungicide.


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