Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If I Cannot Play, I Will Create. If I Cannot Create, I Will Buy.

Mountains of lead, loads of unopened books, bags of building materials. These are all things that I have an abundance of and I think I have finally figured out why - I don't get enough time playing and haven't been productive, so I buy new stuff. I bet you I'm not alone in this either.

The pattern seems pretty well defined for me. When I am playing a lot, I spend much less time building and buy less stuff. When I am not playing, I spend more time painting, building, developing and designing. If I can't do either, that is when I start spending a lot of money. I beleive I am filling a gap, satisfying my need for gaming and some sort of connection to the hobby by simple material satisfaction. Some people do it with new golf clubs or shoes or yet another purse while I do it with more books and miniatures that I will use someday.

I am not saying this is a behavior that I will correct or even want to, but it is good to know where it comes from. It also works in reverse as well. When there isn't gaming going on and I cannot afford to buy, I then find myself inclined to fill the gap by making or finding time to work on projects.

Anyhow, enough idle self-examination.

Have a good night and great tomorrow folks!



  1. Interesting. I think I'm the same, but since I can't really buy anythign right now, I do a lot of writing and designing. Filling the gap, like you said. I currently do not have a gaming group. :( Anyway, on a side note I wondered if you would mind if I colorized some of your other line art? I need the practice, and would like to post it, of course giving you proper credit.

  2. Be my guest. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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  4. Dude.

    That's like... deep.

    And very much like me, with the exception of occassional periods where I do none of the above and seem to 'get away from' the hobby for a while. A while can be a few weeks, months, or even years in some cases.

    The last, I dunno, call it three years?, have been some of the most game-packed times of my life. Blogging helps me keep focus, actually. Something you all know I have difficulty with.


    P.S. Ever wish you could edit a comment? D'oh!

  5. Sure enough - you hit the nail on the head. :D

  6. Hi Eli,

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  7. Yeah, that's me too, though I do try to go for free things if at all possible.


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