Saturday, August 15, 2009

They Got Joe! - Zombie Army Men


Yes, more zombies.

The "Z" word seems pretty popular these days and I have to admit that I love the shambley, smelly bastards. But I have also been trying to find ways to spice these menaces up. It all started with zombies pigs and dogs but now I have a new angle - zombie army men. Why do all the zombies have to be civilians? Certainly there are zombie cops, so why not the poor grunts who get thrown against the undead hordes and don't make it?

For this project, I turned to my vast collection of failed or forgotten minis projects and turned up several 'Nam era command and support minis. These were all pretty easily converted with a snip here and a bit of creative painting and bending.

Photobucket Photobucket

The command figures really just needed the pistols cut out of their hands and their limbs repositioned a bit so they looked menacing, instead of commanding. For the support troops, I had to cut mortar shells out of their hands. This ended up creating quite a zombie-esque pose really. The hands positioned unnaturally in front of the body and bent posture make these fellows really look like they are shifting and shuffling through the warzone.

One thing I found that helped a lot was clipping at the torsos and bending the head and body at odd angles. These subtle changes added to the zombie look.

Now I have a few zombies wearing helmets and flak jackets to spice up the horde.

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