Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ganesha Games "Star Eagles" Update - Playtest Components Revealed

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A recent post on the Star Eagles Facebook Page revealed a set of ships and game components planned for use in an upcoming playtest game. While they revealed nothing about the game rules these simple components say much about the intentions for this game.

Pre-measured sticks are a staple of the Ganesha games but new to the panoply of  play elements. Damon Richardson, did say that the maneuver sticks will allow movement options with great maneuverability in mind. It was also revealed that 3D missile markers for each of the missile types in the game will be a thing. This all suggests a very dynamic game with missiles tracking around and fighters juking and jinking around .

If you want to keep up on developments, show support, or communicate directly with the creators, head over to the Star Eagles Facebook group - HERE

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