Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ganesha Games "Star Eagles" - New Card Mockups, Mechanics Reveals and S'Sekai Concept

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Hello All,

The Star Eagles news eeps rolling out as Ganesha Games moves toward their Kickstarter for their ambitious new space fighter combat game. Every reveal makes me want more and more for this game to be out already, but alas I (and you all) will have to do with teaser, pre-production chatter and snippets until then.

One of the coolest reveals, as far as background for the stock setting goes, is the colored image of the S'Sekai. Admittedly, I had guessed at what these guys were going to look like based on the name and the ship designs but I am happy to have my suspicions confirmed. The S'Sekai fit the bill of 80's alien menace.

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In other news, there has been some discussion of the movement mechanic, showing how the movement sticks will be implemented. It has been revealed that gradual turns will be easy to perform, but for true maneuvering, pilots will have to engage in a bit of risk with more complex maneuvers including side-slips and high-G turns. It has also been revealed that the game will utilize only D6 (six-sided).

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We have also been treated to more mocked up fighter cards. The most recent set (above) show us the light fighter for ConStar and the S'Sekai. Some discussion of the features of these ships revealed that "Nimble" and "Very Nimble" are abilities that make it harder to target the ship while it is jinking about (this does negatively affect the jinking ship as well). Afterburner will provide temporary speed boosts to ships that are normally slower, something that ConStar uses to counter the S'Sekai superior speed.

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