Saturday, February 11, 2017

New Game On The Horizon - Ganesha Games "Star Eagles"

Hello all,

Long time no post, but something pretty amazing came across my sensors, that I just had to share.

Ganesha Games, famous for its "Song of" titles among others, is working on a new fighter combat that tickles me right in the childhood. Clearly rooted in the classic scifi space fighter combat genre of the 70s and 80s this game promises to bring something fun and fast to the tabletop.

At the core of the game will be a rule book and a set of miniatures for their stock universe. The ships, representing the ConStar (Earth and its Colonies) and the S'Sekai aliens will be professionally produced from 3D printed renders and then turned into highly detailed resin models.

The images below show some of the designs that have been revealed for both the ConStar and S'Sekai. Both forces will have a variety of light, medium and heavy fighters. Larger ships have been hinted at as well and words such as "gunboat" and "corvette" have been bandied around.

If the beautiful miniatures are not enough, the system has some pretty awesome goals in mind. Besides providing a system that plays up to around 12 a side with fast play and details, Ganesha is going to provide a full construction system for the game that will allow you to add new or customized fighters to the game or build your favorite universe from TV and movies. What's more, I have confirmed that the stock ships from their built-in universe are made using the construction system, so we will not have a game where you creations will never measure up to the ships that came with the game. This is also extremely useful if you are trying to design variants or your own ships to fit into the universe.

Not much has been revealed about the mechanics, but two sample mock-ups for potential craft have been revealed. While not finalized designs or format, you can see that there is the possibility for a wide variety of design elements, even in a simple format. You can also see the difference in design philosophy between S'Sekai and ConStar. 

Ganesha Games will be pushing this game through a Kickstarter that is slated to hit the scene in March or April. I'll be posting more news as it becomes available, as well as my on thoughts on what is revealed. If you would like to follow along on your own, you can join the Facebook group devoted to the game here -

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