Monday, February 20, 2017

Ganesha Games "Star Eagles" Update - Box Art, Ship Previews, Scale Comparison, Playtest

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More news on the development side of Star Eagles. A great preview of the cover art depicting a S'Sekai Drake vs ConStar Eagle. This is not yet finished and we are told the finished piece will be much more of a full-on battle scene with more going on in the background. 

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There have been a number of pictures put out showing the ships in comparison to one another and we have received yet more. The above picture shows a formation of ConStar ships - a Concord, escorted by two eagles and an arrow. The image below shows S'Sekai and ConStar light and medium fighters next to some fighters from X-wing. This is a nice scale as it allows a bit more detail and will make a collection of ships all the more impressive.

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We are also getting some news on the Proxima Centauri designs as well as some of the larger ships. Seen below are the Alpha Dart medium fighter and Alpha Cobra light fighter along with the ConStar Osprey gunboat. I am thrilled by the concept of larger gunboat style ships..

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The last note is on the play test pics that have been released. These show the dynamic movement and maneuver system and we have been provided ith some insight into how skilled maneuvering can get into good positions (second below). It has also been revealed that missiles will have a tracking time in which targeted ships will have a chance to react to them, adding another level of tactical fun.

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"The S'Sekai fighter in the middle successfully pulled off a reverse turn manoeuvre behind the ConStar medium fighter. It had to survive a reaction fire shot from the ConStar light fighters guarding its tail. It successfully evaded the incoming fire of the light fighters and fired a lethal barrage of Blaster shells into the vulnerable tail of the unfortunate ConStar medium fighter, destroying it."

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