Sunday, May 11, 2014

Valderia Ho! - Thinking More on Fantasy Armor

For the Valderia project, the continent of Moran is pretty well fleshed out both in style and content. The central Empire of the setting, Valderia, is decidedly inspired by Renaissance Europe with elements of Spanish, Italian and even a little Swiss and French influence in there in terms of clothing style and arms and armor. It's northern neighboring "cold war" enemy, The Lyndermarke, are not quite as well developed stylistically.

My original thought for the Lyndermarkes were a stalwart, stern race of northmen, but not Vikings. I wanted them to wear plated armor, wield long swords and heavy axes into battle. I wanted them to feel a bit less refined than the dueling, militaristic Valderians and provide a cultural counterpoint that seemed a bit more early Renaissance. I once described them as...

They are broad men, standing a head taller than those of the seven realms of Valderia. They have fair skin, wear the skins of beasts over their plated mail. Long stout blades are their weapon of choice and thick-hafted spears.

This evolved into a concept of armored coats being worn over their legs rather than fitted mail under which they would wear warm breaches to stave off the cold of their home. Drawing on their tradition of proving their warrior prowess by hunting monsters and great beasts, I thought horns and antler adornments might also fit well with the concept. Two-handed swords and solidly made bardich type axes seemed appropriate for their heavy warriors. I also decided to go with crossbowmen and half-armored spear men for their medium troops. The illustrations below show some of the brainstorming I have been doing.


  1. I like the concept, very Scots/Irish Galoglass feel to them.

  2. The Galoglass were one of the historical inspirations.

  3. Ah, always liked them (rough men of the north) just need to supplement with hordes of light infantry javelin

  4. I have nominated you for a Liebster award (play along if you want to)

  5. Thanks, Bandit but not entirely sure what to put on there.


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