Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sculpting A New Generation

Today my 10-yr old daughter, Nim, picked up her first sculpting tool to try her hand at pushing greenstuff.

What you see his is the result of five minutes work from the hands of a child who's only experience with working with sculpting mediums is your usual modelling clay and school projects. I showed her how to sculpt a face once with conventional miniatures sculpting tools and techniques (as I know them) and then smoothed it over, handed her the tools and left the room with the simple instruction of, "Come get me when you are done". I didn't want to hover and run the risk of micro-managing her or making her nervous.

I think she did an amazing job for a first go.

The next thing I will show her is how to construct an armature and bulk out the body form.



  1. Great work, Nim! When I 1st looked at it, I imagined a piece of sculpture to hang on a palace wall.

  2. A chip off the ole block, Eli! It's great that you encourage your daughter without interfering with her creative process, and I'm sure her talent will flourish.


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