Sunday, May 25, 2014

Valderia Ho! - Myrmos

Throughout the Valderian Empire there is a great diversity of soldiers and warriors ranging from simple militia and professional soldiers, but few evoke the cold, brutal spirit of war as the Myrmo. These professional soldiers make a living for themselves as heavy fighting line breakers, the sort of fighter that brings fear to their enemies.

Wrapped in thick plated armor and wielding mighty weapons or fighting with two weapons at once, the Myrmo are at home wading through the carnage of battle as they free once soul after the next from the shackles of their flesh. These mythic warriors have a reputation for being un-killable, shielded from death by their legendary armor and even said to lack compassion or even any soul at all. The mythology surrounding the Myrmo is enhanced by the lengths to which individual Myrmo go to build their image and reputation.

Myrmo helmets and armor often make a point to remove all humanity from their visage. Empty sockets, featureless face shields, monstrous visages and even entirely themed suits of armor make these very flesh and blood combatants seem to be otherworldly and inhuman. One popular trend, among the seafaring people of the Valderia, is to adopt maritime themes in armor decorations. Fish, sea shells, sea monsters and other beings of the see are often emblazoned on these Myrmo, only adding to their fearful appearance. 

Valderian lords often boast and draw status from how many Myrmo they employ, taking the killer reputations of their hired brutes as their own.  A house with many Myrmo in its employ is a force to be reckoned with and sends a message to those who would oppose it that to do so militarily would be a costly endeavor. 

Design Notes: The concept of the Myrmo was not built into the story of Valderia from the beginning. Rather, it developed from the design sketches of trying to come up with fantastic armor that looked to be drawn from a combination of Earth's Renaissance period and other terrestrial armors from other parts of history. As I conceptualized heavily armored warriors from the Empire, themes and ideas formed until i had this odd blend of Roman gladiator and armored knight. 


  1. I am a fan of your Valderian setting so far. Don't forget pole arms for your Myrmos And maybe a trident or two. In keeping with the nautical design that is.
    Like the cut and trust pic with the shield and sword and the concept of a Minotaur head Myrmo with horns. Will all forms of Valderian military terminology fallow a roman gladiator/medieval theme?
    I don't picture these guys fighting in the ranks with common solders.
    I see them walking ahead of the lines issuing challenges. Being the first to connect with the enemy line or used as flank guards.
    Also alternatively used a hired toughs for high society and crime bosses.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I am glad you are enjoying it so far. Have you read all the way back to the beginning?

      The Myrmos are certainly the sort to stride in front of the lines. This being a fantasy realm wothout readily available gunpowder, they have little to fear from missiles weapons. They are the sort that wades into the lines. I imagine them in a very cinematic manner.

  2. I just went back and read all you have posted so far. And I like it. Looking forward to see how you deal with magic, and other fantastical elements. Is steam tech available? (not steampunk) Or is every thing water, wind and muscle powered.
    And I think I would like to see these guys in miniature some day.

    1. As this is all based on a D&D framework magic is part of it, but my players and I tend to like settings that are lighter on magic and heavier on people. Magic will take many forms depending on where it is and I will write to that later.

      In short, Valderia has holy magic through the worship of the Mystrael and her daughters collectively known as the Divinities. Arcane magic in Valderia is a bit tenuous as Valderian mages are grouped into guilds. This is not the same as specialized schools, though some guilds do foster one over the other. Unbonded mages are hunted and "controlled". Hedges magic exists and their are a few underground orders trying to keep it free.

      As to your question of technology, there is not steam tech, at least not on a wide scale. I decided to top out at clockwork and mechanical albeit on a very fantastic level. I need to remember this is a fantasy setting. Much of this comes from artificers and is often enhanced by the growing "science" which is actually Alchemy. Alchemists are a bane to the Valderian Empire as they buck the controls on magic and have placed magic in the hands of the common folk, even if in small amounts.

      Magic in other parts of the Moran (the continent on which the empire exists) takes more traditional forms.

      On a last note, I would love to make these into miniatures at some point, either by my own hand, contracting to have them made, or a combination of both.


    2. I like where you are going with that, I personally enjoy my D&D with a more human focuses.
      At least to me, this makes the Fantastical elements like magic and monsters more profound when its not in your face.
      I know folks play for all kinds of reasons, but I prefer a great story with the parts acted out by the player characters. Being silly and joking is ok, but I am off the opinion that if you decided that its a good idea to smacked the king because he is boring then be prepared to have the whole army after you.
      Along with every peasant in the kingdom wanting the award for your head.
      So looking forward to seeing more of the styles, fashions and military apparel

  3. I'm sure I'll have more to post. Right now I am still figuring it all out :)


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