Wednesday, April 23, 2014

20 Leagues Under My Belt - The Investigators

Hailing from the across the world, Dr. Helena Sigurdson and her team of dedicated investigators delve into the mysteries of the past, present and tomorrow. 

Seen here with her Egyptian contact, Omar Jaffar, antiquarian, mystic dabbler and knowledgeable in those thing buried in the sands of antiquity, Dr Sigurgson is a tough, capable woman who few would expect to be a lady of learning. Buried under those dusty leather and well-oiled gun belt are both beauty and brains.

The European branch of Dr. Sigurdson's network is made up of (from left to right) writer and arcanist P.D. Hitchcraft (United Kingdom), antiques dealer and appraiser Udder Brotten (Germany/Austria), and historian Pierre LeBeau (France). These three provide a vast degree of support staff and useful skills and knowledge when hunting down treasures and items of historical value.

But don't forget the yanks! Former cub reporter turned paranormal journalist, Margaret "Maggy" Malone is charged with photographically documenting all the teams finds and travels. Not one to let his kid sister out into the dangerous world by herself, her brother Sean "Buster" Malone brings some useful heft to the team's adventures. The forces of darkness may have come looking to feast on the blood of the innocents, but I'm afraid only knuckle sandwiches are on the menu.

This league is one that began as a bunch of figures intended to be used as NPCs in various scenarios - contacts, objectives, red herrings, etc.. While I still plan to make use of them in those capacities, they also make the basis for a really great way to playtest some new rules being explored for Pulp Alley which allow the creation of a league made up of more capable lesser characters.

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  1. Fine adventurers for a fine investigative mystery.


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