Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sometimes I am my Own Worst Enemy

Recently, I have been on a bit of a build-up for Pulp Alley. Having started the game using figures I had laying about that were pressed into service as League, I got a flavor for the game but wanted to do some things with more of a planned purpose in mind. To that end, I have been snatching up figures where I can find good deals and working toward some of my planned leagues as well as supporting cast for Pulp Alley. The quickie pic above shows just some of the madness that has ensued.

Included in the mass of 28mm figures are the following -

26 Chinese Warlord Troops divided into two forces of 23 figs each (two leagues)
12 Chinese Bandits (one league)
6 Chinese Civilians (supporting cast/plot points)
Temple Lion Statue (scenery)
Bone Swarm (monstrous encounter)
14 Tong (one league)
4 Female Archaeologists (league members, plot points, and supporting cast)
4 Ship's Crew (one league)
5 Arab Characters (supporting cast/plot points)
5 German Characters (supporting cast/plot points

This isn't the lot of them, but just what I could get based up in one night. I just ordered 100 25mm round bases and am already nearly through them all. I've still got more monsters and characters to get based up and then the madness of painting begins.



  1. Nothing like warlord era China for some pulpy goodness.


    1. Nothing like Pulp PERIOD for using nearly anything in your collection.

  2. That should keep you busy for a while

    1. I'm just afraid it'll never get painted :)

  3. And thats why it called "I See Lead People"! :)

    1. Hopefully, they won't stay lead colored too long!


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