Sunday, October 13, 2013

Zakaar vs. The Outsiders

Pulp Sunday is upon us again and my buddy Chuck and I set down to play a game of Pulp Alley over dinner.

This evening's game took us once more to a Savage land, the land of Zakaar and his Monestone Guardians. The guardians had heard tale of stranger in their land. Again the people from Outside had come with their strange, metallic smells and their booming charms. This time they came seeking the creatures of his land. Zakaar would have none of it.

This time, the visitors were not simple treasure hunters or villains with exploitation on their dark minds. This time the explorers were none other that Loupe the boy reporter and detective and his comrades, Pepen the wonder dog, Captain Haddock and Professor Algebra. They had found there way to this secret place through tales and mysteries uncovered through long days spent burying themselves in obscure maps, ancient volumes and those places where the odd and strange dwell.

Chuck is just getting back into Pulp Alley after only playing a coupe of games before his long break and so we decided to keep it simple with a Smash and Grab scenario. The plot points would all take the form of various creatures of this lost world with the major plot point being the blue nosed raptor hidden in the rocky cave in the center of the board. The others - giant centipede, scorpion and juvenile dinosaurs were places around the rocky grotto.

A scorpion the size of a horse lurks in one dark hollow.

Zakaar and the caveman brothers Roku and Doba move forward, hoping to get the creatures to safety.

"By Darwin's Beard, look at that magnificent specimen!" Professor algebra and Captain Haddock rush up the rocky outcropping to get to the giant centipede, hoping to collect a specimen for later study. the two scramble up the ragged, natural steps despite some trouble in finding purchase.

Roku make his way to the cave and approaches the normally deadly carnivore. Speaking its wild language, the caveman manages to coax it out of the cave and into his care. His brother Doba watches on, stunned at his brother's stupidity for approaching such a killer beast. Meanwhile, Loupe and Pepen (the dog) have managed to secure the longneck for the museum. 

Doba races to the cliffs, hoping to beat the invaders to the centipede as Zakaar, summons his lengendary courage and moves to take command of a lethal cave scorpion.

M'wapi, the living dead Gtungi Worm, sneaks his way up behind the club tail and begins to try to soothe the grumpy giant lizard. He is not as successful as his comrades and will have to continue working at it (mutiple turns).

Doba climbs the cliffs and, dangerous as it might be, makes it to the top, just out of reach of the massive many legs. Meanwhile Professor Algebra has made it to the creature and begins to examine the specimen to find the best way of capturing it.

Meanwhile, back on the ground, Captain Haddock makes his way to confront these Savagelanders, intent on taking their prizes from them.

Zakaar and Nabba make their way to Roku consolidating their might and protecting the great creatures of their home. Haddock and Loupe move in, menacing the simple folk of this ancient place.

Despite having the patience of the dead, M'wapi fails to settle the club tail and finds himself pounded into the rock.

Loupe has his sights on Roku and chases the caveman and his dinosaur ward back toward the jungle under a hail of bullets. While several shots hit the burly neanderthal, he is unharmed and keeps his wits.

The many-legged creeper proves too great a challenge and Doba falls to the mandibles of the great hunter. Professor Algebra is now free to continue his studies and secure his prize. "Amazing!," The professor exclaims as the rugged primitive is bested.

As the captain makes his ways to join up with Loupe and his prize, Nabba lets out a vicious roar. The inebriate sea captain is unshaken, numbed to the danger of a mighty sabertooth cat bearing down on him. The captain shoots, hoping to repell the beast and while several shots find their mark, it is not enough. The two fight and then fight again (used Savage) and in the end, both are brought down by the battle.

Loupe now pursue the boy Atlantean, set on taking a giant scorpion back to civilization and fame. Shot crack the air as bullets and the blue energies of the Moonstone fly back and forth. Fortune is on Zakaar's side as he narrowly avoid fumbling his club and the ancient stone set in it.

Atop the rocky cliffs, Professor Algebra manages to solve the riddle of the centipede and had the creature feeding from his hand instead of on it.

Loupe continues to gun for Zakaar, not really wanting to hurt the lad, but intent on separating him from the giant scorpion. Unfortunately, the boy is too quick and the shots find only the earth and rocks. Zakaar retreats back, trying to put some jungle between him and the boomstick.

Nabba and Captain Haddock, both recover and before the great cat can regain he composure, the sailor unload another volley into her, taking her down. Pepen barks in celebration as the captain belches his disdain for the dispatched feline.

Zakaar has decided that the only hope is to flee into the underbrush with Roku, hoping to get some of their animal friends to safety. Nabba and the others would be fine.

the fight draws on, Loupe and his friends pressing on, desperate to claim more.

Pepen tries to sooth the angry club tail, hoping the presence of another dino will camouflage his intent but alas, the cantankerous reptile is having none of it.

The battle ends with Zakaar and his brethren slipping back into the jungle while Loupe and his compatriots retreat, having to be content with what they have. The fight has drawn other denizens of the Savage World and the very rocks begin to crawl with hungry life...

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  1. I vote for the centipede to win the major prize. He's got all the right moves.

    Nice going, gents.


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