Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reaper Bones II Kickstarter!

I am sure many of you have already heard, but I figured it was worth getting the news out as much as I could. Reaper Miniatures has released a new Kickstarter that continued the juggernaut that is their Bones range.

I should start by saying that the initial core set of figures is a generous lineup of useful Fantasy and Pulp denizens. They have also color-coded their release art so that you can easily recognize what is associated with what -

  • Purple = Core Set. 
  • Orange = Add-Ons. 
  • Gold = Core Set Expansion Set #1

The image below shows the current (4:14 PM 10/1/2013) lineup including expansion unlocked from stretch goals.

Now, if you made it to the bottom of the image, there is more news. This Kickstarter is a much simpler approach than their first Bones was, having taken a queue from some of their experiences there. There is really only two ways to enter in - $1 and $100. This means you can jump in just for the add-ons ($1) or ride the wave of freebies with the Core Set ($100). 

In addition to this though, a second stream of stretches has been introduced with Core Expansion Set #1. What this does is allow you to add-on $50 to your Core Set pledge and get a large group of add-on minis that will also expand as the campaign grows. You can still add-on individual add-on sets as well, but this allows Reaper to be generous without breaking the bank.

I think they are handling this really well so far. The growth has been mind-boggling and the speed of updates is indeed the product of many posts ready to go at a moment's notice with so poor team riding keyboards and gulping Red Bull to make sure it all goes smooth.

I'm in for $150 so far.

Let's keep the fun rolling!!!



  1. Uh oh! I see lots of minis in your future!

  2. So many of these figures have good crossover value. Pulp Adventure, D&D, classic Sword and Sorcery, even some Pulp Scifi and horror. I figure i'll get my money's worth. Just need to start painting.


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