Friday, September 27, 2013

More Animal Tank Decoration Finds

Hey all,

Recently I've spent a lot of time at the local pet shops. The kids have some new pets and here has been a never-ending need for supplies that can only really be found there. The good news is that this has allowed me to spend a lot of time looking at the shelves covered in various animal tank decorations. I say animal tank and not just fish because some of the best ones were found in the aisle for reptiles.

The images here, show the pieces as they came off the shelf. I have applied no weathering, shading or highlighting. The pieces in the top picture almost seem purpose made for miniatures (who knew lizards were 28mm). The piece on the right could make a nice caveman home or monster lair. The one center above has a lot going on, including some walk around space above the cave opening. The item on the left seems to be the sort of place where a star captain might fight an alien commander. The rock formation below make a nice natural gateway or even a bridge. As a bridge it might be a bit of a challenge going up the steeper side but that's all part of the fun.

While I still enjoy making my own terrain, I am finding that these pieces provide a ready supply of terrain that is quick to get to the table. The paint jobs are effective, the materials, resilient and the prices are really not all that bad compared to some of what we are asked to pay for purpose made, pre-painted terrain.

Thanks and as always, have fun!



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