Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ghosts of Hefei Kickstarter

The Department brought us a new way to play 15mm science fiction miniatures games, allowing players to run through an investigative process while also engaging in action packed scenes of chase and combat. Now, the creators of The Department bring a new chapter to their universe in The Ghosts of Hefei.

"Ghosts of Hefei (GoF) features a competitive tabletop miniatures game experience where rival gangs battle to steal robot workers in a dystopian, near-future Earth. A direct sequel to Four-Color Figures' recent game, The Department, GoF focuses its lens on the action and drama transpiring on the mean streets of 2070s Hefei, China.

Players take command of a gang with the purpose of stealing fabricants (fabricated human simulants) to sell on the black market. These gangs act as agents for the major global organized crime syndicates. Players use a combination of hacking, guile, and combat to compete for money and influence in the lucrative and dangerous international fabricant trade."

15mm Yakuza fabricant
15mm Yakuza Fabricant

Russian Hacker in 28mm and 15mm
Russian Hacker 28mm and 15mm versions

The Ghosts of HefeiKickstarter is moving along strongly and with ten (10) days to go it is already 2/3 the way there. Whether you are interested in the universe of The Department and the rules systems it's generating or just want to see some cool new street level 15mm scifi minis come onto the market, join me in backing this project.



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