Monday, April 22, 2013

Finally Finished Sections of 15mm Scifi Terrain!

Howdy all,

I have been at this one awhile. I kept coming back to it, trying to figure out how to make it look right. So, after a few trials and errors, I think I'm happy with it. 

This terrain piece is a pretty straight forward industrial structure that could used as a shop or garage. Like many of my "tiled" terrain pieces, I left a good portion of this one empty so that I could customize it to my needs by adding various drop in features or just leaving it open for the sake of creating open fields of fire that would need to be crossed.

There are a lot of junk bits in here including printer cartridges, pill bottle caps, packaging, and a candy container. There are also bits of Plastruct architectural materials (tubes, plasticard and ladders), GZG pre-made bits, and even a few Flames of War bases. 

The Yard

The front door and garage entrance

Side showing gas storage tank and side of ventilation block


  1. That's cool Eli! Very usable! I need to try making something similar. Is that a 12"x 12" vinyl tile you used?

    1. It's a piece of a Scrabble board. You can get them cheap at thrift stores and board game board it light, cut-able with a carpet blade and sturdy.

  2. Thanks folks!

    I have more in the works. I have to admit I have been greatly influenced by the work of the South London Warlords and all the terrain they have done over the years for their Hammer's Slammers games.


  3. Good work Eli, nice and dirty- in a good way!


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