Monday, March 25, 2013

Goblinaid for Kev Adams

Many of you may have heard that the talented sculptor Kev Adams, famed for his characterful goblin and orcs sculpts was brutally attacked, stabbed and beaten by three masked robbers who invaded his home.

In the wake of this horrible news a Facebook page "Goblinaid" has been created to coordinate information and aid for Kev during his recovery. Many sculptors and other industry folk are getting behind this to try and generate assistance for Kev who has already gone through at least one surgery for his injuries. I'f you'd ever bought a greenskin his or not take a moment to send him some well wishes. more recently Kev has been sculpting for the awesome Otherworld line of "old school" fantasy miniatures.

If this were some rock star, actor, or socialite this would be everywhere, but as gamers we really have to take care of our own!

Get better Kev!


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