Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Next Piece = More Science Fiction Industrial Terrain

Howdy all,

So I had a change to put the finishing grime on another piece of my industrial terrain. Like the first piece I showed, this is made mostly of found item with one or two part specifically purchased for use as terrain. Included in this design are pill boxes, food containers, an electrical box, parts from various medical equipment and containers. There is also a drinking straw and some ladders and steps from architectural modelling components. This project includes no doors or other fittings from GZG in this project.

I also decided to show a glimpse of some of the other projects on my work table. Shown below are some other structure that will be gracing my scifi colonies.


  1. Love it! Any chance that you can post some completely paintless pics when you whip up your next terrain piece? I'd love to see the very start to finish :).

  2. Really nice imaginative work, Eli. One part of the project looks like a filter screen from an airless spray pump.

    1. Couldn't tell you Jay. A loto f this stuff is stuff I picked up at a great local shop called The Creation Station. They sell odds and bobs for the purposes of art.

  3. These look very atmospheric, Eli- great stuff!


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