Friday, March 15, 2013

Sculpting Addendum

I had snapped this picture showing the new Saurian Bounty Hunter and Prang Raider alongside some minis by other companies but forgot to include it in the last post...

Left to right: Laserburn Mercenary, Khurasan Miniatures Space Demon, Saurian Bount Hunter, Prang Raider, Astro Minis Astro Crew, The Scene Zombie Hunter.

As you can see these two figures are big 15mm figures. By big I don't mean out of scale or scale creeping, but just hefty aliens. The Saurian is tall and broad, very much a gator of an alien while the Prang have been and continue to be roughly the same height as many 15mm humans but of considerable more girth - paunchy frogs that they are.



  1. Ah thanks! 15mm scale can be all over the place... but then so is every scale :P With aliens or even armored humans, a little big is never a problem.

  2. Its the beefyness while still being in scale which attracted me to the Prang and some of your other aliens in the first place. So many alien sculpts are just human bodies with alien heads.
    One slight correction , the survivor mini in your line up is from The Scene not Rebel minis I believe.

  3. That Saurian Bounty Hunter looks cool!

  4. Thanks for the comparisons.


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