Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rock Terrain Madness (Part Three) - Looking More Like Stone

Work on the rock terrain continues. This first set seems to be going through some changes. While I originally wanted to avoid another set of grey rocks, they just seemed to brown. So, I decided to grey them up. While they won't work in a painted desert anymore, they are certainly more craggy and hard looking.

The pictures below show how some of the pieces are structured to allow for playable space...

Even the stone columns have a few flat spots that will accommodate a modest base. Larger bases won't perch up there easily. I look forward to some high altitude fighting on these in the future.

This piece is two parts. The main part is the top that easily work on its own but if I want to add a bit more height and/or complexity to it I can perch it atop the bottom part. The bottom part would work on it's own, but really isn't much more than an elevated flat rock. Some of the stairs are a little wobbly for a fig to stand on, but if you spread them across a couple steps they sit just fine.

This is shows the cave in use. While it might seem risky to wander into a cave with an open flat walk around right to the side, this is another piece of modularity built into structure. Those flat spots could easily accept accent terrain, trees, etc to help me customize these rocks to each scenario. I am even working on some additional small bases of fallen rock and such to block off parts of these terrain pieces.


  1. Wow, these are really great... now i need to do some vertical pieces!!

  2. I can see your gunships manuvering around them.

    1. That is exactly what my gunships need to harass my opponent... cover...good idea!

  3. Need some lichen/moss in the cracks to break up the gray.

  4. That's the next step but I don't want to make them look too overgrown.


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