Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Glimpse at Things to Come

The image above is a preview pic sent to me by Gavin at They depict casts of four new alien civilians coming out in their SHM range. While the names and codes have yet to be finalized and their relase is still pending, Gavin was nice enough to allow me to show them off here.

You might recognize the guy on the left as he's a conversion of an earlier sculpt. I wanted to show another member of his species and added a second creature to the floating chair that could either be a pet or even a child.

The other three were designed as various interesting characters. From left to right - a noble or perhaps mystic, an orator/preacher and a musician.

I can't wait to see these out. I tried to put a lot of character and personality into these figs. From the purposeful raised fist of the orator to the relaxed, hip posture of the drummer each is one tells a story.



  1. Very nice! I look forward to seeing them painted up!

    1. Ditto. Plus, when I get mine, the bongo player will get a couple of dreadlocks added to his cranium! Nice work, Eli.

  2. Cool. I considered sculpting them on, but then it seemed that might be just a bit too obvious.

  3. I like these a lot, Eli- as you say, full of character!

  4. Heh, the bongo player is great! That hat screams for some greenstuff dreads underneath!

  5. I almost gave him floppy ears hanging down but decided that it made him look like a bunny.


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