Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rock Terrain Madness (Part Four) - Flocking

The first few of the rocks are done. I can now show them off in all their rocky, flocked glory. Flocking was done simply enough with a bottle of super glue and my flocking bucket. I was able to "draw" on the rocks with the glue and strategically place flocking where it looked good and made sense.

The fun, two-piece rock came out quite nice with a good amount of flocking in the gully between the two spires. This gave it a nice realistic look as one can imagine that little cravass being quite moist a lot of the time and collecting all sorts of this and that. 

Without a flash, the gap between the two spires actually actually looks a little forboding. Who knows what is lurking around in those shadows?

The vertical spires were very fun to flock. Figuring out where the seeds and moisture would collect was a bit of science and art all at the same time.

As you can see here the effect is quite nice and natural without the flash (image right). You can see where the drizzling rains have accumulated making a nice green shelf.


  1. It's madness! MADNESS, I say!

    Looking pretty spiff, there, brother.

  2. Those already looked nice, but that extra bit of work has made them look fantastic. Very inspirational... Great job Eli!

  3. Great job! Having done a bit of rock climbing in my time, I can say these at least look reasonably credible. It's amazing the amount of soil and seedlings growing in every little nook and crevice on a seemingly sheer rock face. Here in Ontario, you even get little stunted trees, like natural bonsai, growing on cliff faces. That might be a modeling challenge for you ;)

  4. That's where the balancing act comes in. If I were building these as scenery for model trains or a diorama I'd go the extra step of adding some more three dimensional foliage. However, because these are destined for use on the gaming table, I've had to compromise and make sure I'm not adding stuff that will break off during game play, transport and storage.



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