Sunday, November 11, 2012

Alien Centoid Kickstarter From Adam Gayford (Ended)


Back in the the early days of my wargaming life there was an awesome race of 28mm aliens that thundered across many gaming tables. Hard to find in the USA, I never saw more than a hand full of them myself and those I did were often conversions from the one or two poses that seem to trickle in to local shops. Well sculptor Adam Gayford has resurrected these majestic beasts in his own style and with a bit of an update.

On 11/8/2012 Adam launched a Kickstarter campaign for a massive onslaught of 28mm saurian centaurs he has dubbed Centoids. These figures will be cast in a remarkable plastic resin with many options and interchangeable torsos and lower bodies. Weapon variations are part of the plan as well as some big hitter like something called a "Juggernaught"  and there are even whispers of a tank and APC.

If this sounds like your sort of monster, then bounce over and throw in. Show Adam's vision some love and get yourself some new bad boys (or good guys) for your battlefield!


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