Monday, November 12, 2012

The Good Bad News About the Centoid Kickstarter


In an odd but cool turn of events, the Centoid Kickstarter that I posted about just yesterday has been cancelled. Before arms fly in the air accompanied by guffaws of disgust, the reason for this is that the Centoids attracted the attention of a third party who has purchased them to put them into production. While this third party has yet to be named, this means that the appeal of this project was so appealing that the need for a Kickstarter campaign was rendered completely  unnecessary.

Adam, the sculptor and creator of the campaign, has promised an update on who this third party ASAP and as such I shall relay that information to you all then.

As I said, the news is bad for the Kickstarter campaign, but good for the range of Centoids.

Take care and have fun,



  1. That's pretty damn food news. My bet is on Khurasan. Jon likes to snap up cool new sculpts.

  2. He's more of a 15mm guy, though he does have 28mm stuff. I know he's been talking a return to 28mm so you might be right.


  3. They remind me of the old 40K Zoats (and when I say old I'm talking late '80s).


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