Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Kiddos

Not the normal gaming blog post, but I felt they were worth posting about.

My two girls are just plain awesome (I know everyone says that). Not only are they both creative and fun kids, but they both turned out to be just plain good people. They give to charity, they look out for others, they volunteer to help out folks who need it. On top of all of this, they are both gamers!

My oldest is a DM with three years experience under her belt at the age of 13. She runs a campaign for her sister and cousins. She also plays in our regular weekly game. 

My youngest plays in both mine and her sister's campaigns and is picking up the hobby pretty quick. She even talks about writing her own games.

I'm sorry but I have to gush. I have been blessed with two amazing, creative, intelligent girls. Neither allows themselves to be pigeon-holed into a stereotype. The little one has her girly moments but she also loves science and gross stuff. My oldest is so NOT-girly that she is often mistaken for a boy. In fact when her junior high football coach was told he had a girl on the team, he couldn't pick her out of the crowd. She is also the first girl in her school's history to finish a season of football.

Oh yeah, her number is "21" because "42" was already taken. Might as well be half of "the answer".

Good girls and I love you both!



  1. Thats so great to hear. I am training my two girls also.

  2. A right paur of beauties and such a rightly proud dad!

  3. The odd gush is well allowed, I fall prey to it also from time to time. Gaming and Life combined.

    My best to the wee lassies.


  4. I am proud of both of them. My oldest lost heart about half way through the season after sustaining an injury that kept her out of two games but stuck too it and finished. Her next goal...wrestling.


  5. 42 is also the perfect score in the world's best dominoes game.

    You should gush over your kids. They're awesome! I do over mine all the time. Not so often on the blogs, lately, but then, it has been eerily quiet on my blogs for the last few months. Blame grad school; I do.


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