Friday, October 5, 2012

Preview Minis Arrived

Another really quick update.

I received my preview casts the day after I posted Gavin's pics (gotta love that mail). I won't post additional pics because Gavin's speak better than any I could take of raw lead. Let me just leave it at, "I'm very happy and they are nice casts."

I have been asked to try to demonstrate the uses for the fleet scale mecha and so far have the following ideas in mind -

  • Fleet scale fighter stand-ins (their intended purpose)
  • 6mm infantry
  • 2-3mm ground mecha
The first is easy enough as I have spaceships to show them off along side, however, I really do not have any suitable 6mm or 2-3mm minis save for those based up for Land Ironclads which, honestly, are very much Victorian style organizations.

I am open to suggestions for possible other angles to go. I know Mik from Mik's minis wants to use them as some sort of micro-bot swarm. I can see them as pretty cool minions for a Toy Man type villain in a 28mm superheroes miniatures game.

These should be available through soonish I hope, but we'll have to wait for the official announcement to know for sure.

Take care and thanks for reading!



  1. Hi Eli,

    I'm going to use them as Mini-Bots alongside some 28mm Retained Knights. Just for modelling mind, but I suppose gaming isn't really my strongpoint...



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