Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mutant Menaces - Bigfoot in Mutant Future


With Khurasan Miniatures announcement of 28mm Sasquatch minis (pictured above) I thought I'd conjure up this old idea of the harry men (and families) of the wood coming out of their hidey holes to fill the gaps left in the Mutant Future by the fall of civilization.

No. App.: Solitary, pair, or 3d4
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 8
HD: 3
Attacks: 1 (weapon or fist)
Damage: By weapon +4 or 2d6 fist
Save: L4
Morale: 10
Horde Class: I

Mutations: None (Skooks can sometimes have mutations just as humans might)

Skooks live in small extended family bands, roaming the wilderness of the Mutant Future hunting, gathering, even fishing using crude tools and simple tactics. Close knit and very territorial, they often lair in natural shelters such as caves and rocky overhangs where they can find shelter from the elements.

There families are often led by the strongest and most cagey of their males who is supported by his closest kin and his mate. Skooks take only one mate and bond for life. The other members in a Skook band are usually relatives of either the leader or his mate being brothers, sisters, or offspring. When Skooks from separate bands meet, they often trade band members and form new mated pairs from among their unattached members. These newly mated pairs often move off to form their own bands or wander as a mated pair until they have offspring at which time they will usually find a semi-permanent lair. 

While Skooks are not commonly found in the presence of technology, they are by no means incapable of using it. Individuals who have been taught or who have spent time observing how to use technology can operate it with little difficulty, though their large hands may make this difficult. Even if a Skook does not know how to operate a piece of tech, they recognize its importance and hold on to it, keeping it on their person as a charm or status object or keeping it hidden in their lair. There is a 5% change that any Skook encountered will have in its possession a piece of tech. 


  1. Nice writeup. Those minis look cool, too!

  2. I just started concentrating on a Prehistoric Pulp project- and I think I'll be adding a new faction :) thanks for the heads up, these are fun! sounds like they make great future minis too

  3. I know I promised to do Bigfoot for MF a looooong time ago, Bill!

  4. This is all around awesome.


    1. Thanks Legion,

      I am from the Pacific Northwest, Bigfoot is almost part of our upbringing here.



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