Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mini Minis Update

Just on the heels of my last post, I received the pics of the metal, inked and snappy from the caster.

Here's a quick post to show them off...

Vergan Free Traders


Fleet Scale Mecha


  1. Lovely work Eli! Plus some great clear pictures too :-)

    Those Vergans are destined for a game of USE ME in the near future.


  2. Yes...yes...your camera is nifty, Gavin :)

    Seriously, thank you for sending me the pics so I could preview the minis proper like.


  3. these are really cool Eli, love those free traders.

  4. The gun on the Vergan may be my fave to date. I'll have to pick these up for sure, I love the Razak too. I was hoping to mount the FS Mecha on a ground base to use as infantry but looking at them I don't know, I'll check out what you come up with.

  5. there are two armed Vergans in this group. the one with the big gun and then another with what looks like an assault rifle of sorts (to the right of big gun guy). The other two are a musician and a sort of captain or officer sort. The musician could asuly be used as a Vergan with an alien datacomp, medicomp or other gear. Heck, paint the thing gold and he's carrying and alien artifact.

    I built the Razak as a sort of big tough guy or bouncer.



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