Monday, October 1, 2012

New Minis On Their Way

Hey SHM fans!

I have received news from Gavin at that the most recent bunch of minis I sent them is hitting production. While I can't yet give you a full list of what is being activated, I can tell you that you won't be disappointed and there there is a little something new this time around.

So, Eli, what all is coming? Well, what I can say is there are some new 15mm aliens including a couple familiar faces. Most of them are armed this time around. Also, my "fleet scale" mecha designed for doing mecha-themed games along side popular space fleet type minis such as those brought to you by GZG, Ravenstar Studios, and other awesome lines of ships that are out there.

Right now, an envelope with previews is speeding toward me from the UK (curse the utter lack of teleporters!) and once I have them in my grubby mits I will post pics and get to work showing off how I envisioned these mecha to be used. To be honest, I am a bit eager to see what comes in the envelop because I cannot recall exactly what I sent!

More info as it is available.



  1. Good for you, Sir. Your aliens are bizarre (in a positive sense of the word) and that's the way I, me, and we like them! Weapons make them all the better.

  2. Always good to see more Eli minis available!

  3. Great news Eli. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on those tiny mech. Was thinking of using them as minibots alongside some 28mm retained knights. The aliens look great as well. Have to get a team of them together too.


  4. The teeny mech guys are just too cool, I'm sticking with my 'superhero swarm' idea for them. As for the armed aliens, perfect. I've been lining up the spaceport queue and these guys are going to make alien citizen militia...because those human cops just aren't protecting the alien slums!

  5. Cool ideas guys!

    I've been asked to due a post showing the various ways to use the fleet scale mecha and it appears they will fit nicely as many things besides space fleet stuff.



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