Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valderia Ho! - Possible New D&D Campaign

Well, it's time again. Once more into the breach my friends!

Yes, after some time away from the shuffling of character sheets I have decided to give running a D&D campaign another try. I am revisiting the world of my Homeland campaign setting but setting this tales in another continent an ocean away from the first Homeland campaign.

Enter Valderia!

Originally conceived of as the background behind a colony on the original Homeland continent, Valderia is a human empire roughly analogous to southern Europe during the Renaissance. I say roughly because it's really a mish-mash of images and constructs from that time blended with some fantasy. Valderia is an empire that has pretty much reached the limits of its conquest and consolidation on the continent it occupies. Now the Kingdom of Valderia and the seven baronies that make up the Empire must find new sources of trade and plunder the fuel their imperialist manifest destiny.

The campaign takes the form of the players embarking on one of the masses of expeditions across the sea in search of far-off lands known only in legend and rumor. The players will take on the roles of whatever dregs, villains, thugs, dreamers, and jingoistic adventurers seeking fortune in the name of the Empire and their own purse.

Here is a poster I did to introduce the campaign to my players...


  1. That's a great introducrion to a campaign... oh, and sea of OSR?

  2. Thank you very much.

    Not sure I get what you mean by "sea of OSR"?



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