Sunday, January 8, 2012

Terrain Lab - More Pizza Box Fields

15mm Battlefront WW2 German Paratroopers
A while back I posted a few experimental garden patches made out of the corrugated paper liners found in many delivery pizza boxes. I got mine from Pizza Hut and am not sure who else carries them. I've been planning to try to scale the gardens up a bit since then but until recently hadn't given it a go as I had misplaced my larger pieces of the corrugated paper.

20mm(1/72) Easy Model Prepainted BTR-80
Unfortunately, the piece that I found did have some flattened parts and a pretty deep score across it, but I decided to try it anyhow and to disguise these defects as best I could. I think the end result is pretty good and as the pictures show is usable in any scale from 15mm to 28mm without a lot of fudging needed.

28mm Wargames Factory Saxons converted to Vikings
The techniques used were the same as used in the initial smaller patches just spread out over a larger projects. I did find that the larger piece of cardboard did want to box slightly, however, after the series of spray sealer had dried I found the whole piece was quite flexible and easily bent back to where it would sit flat. You might need to repeat this a few times. As you use it, just give it a quick bend to flatten it. Over time it will stop trying to pull back.

Give it a try all you pizza-eaters out there!



  1. Really like the effect this gives. been meaning to try it out myself since the last time you posted one of these.

  2. Very good looking fields! Great tips with the corrugated paper.


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