Friday, January 20, 2012

Valderia Ho! - A Good Places To Start

The map below shows a brief and simple map of the continent of Moran where can be found the Valderian Empire, or Valderia as it's more commonly called, and it's immediate neighbors. This map really only exists for background purposes, providing a map of possible places from which the player's characters might hail from.

I assume that most of the players will be playing Valderian humans from either Valderia itself of one of the seven baronies that fill out the empire. Alternately, they might choose to be of The Lyndemarkes as a foreign fortune-seeker or perhaps one of the simpler folk of the Westholde seeking a fortune he did not find in that land of promise. I hope at least one of the players will decide to make an orc character.

Most orcs on Moran are found outside the empire. in Winterskarre, Blackholde, and in the uncivilized Westholde. They live as savage tribesmen and small nations of unified tribes and clans but there are still tens of thousands of them living within Valderian society. Most of the latter are the descendants of those clans and tribes that were conquered, destroyed or who capitulated to human expansion and consolidation.

There are also dwarves in Moran, but they are content to remain in their underground kingdoms for the most part and only really deal with the surface world for trade and occasionally politics. Still it is possible that a rare dwarf might set out for adventure alongside humans. Half-orcs do not exist. Neither orcs, nor humans will have them.

Moran has no native elves, halflings, or gnomes. These races do not even visit Moran in any measurable numbers as any of their population centers are far across the sea with much nearer trade ports available to them.

Hope you enjoyed this peak at the world from when the players shall come. I will share more of my plans in some future posts, including some information on the state of those usual of fantasy RPG suspects, the humanoids.

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  1. Lovely map -- full without clutter, functional and aesthetically pleasing.


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