Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year

2011 was not a very productive year in the hobby realm for me but not for bad reasons. the 2010/2011 stretch was marked by my move into the realm of sculpting and miniatures design and I think that took up a lot of my creative energies. Though I still managed to get a few bits done here and there and things have started to get back into the groove at the end of 2011, I really haven't found myself doing much of anything on the player/hobbyist side of things. I hope to rectify that in the new year.

Sculpting will certainly still take up a good chunk of my time and energies once again. I do not plan on giving it up any time soon and, in fact, may even have some real regular work on that front. I'm still growing and improving my craft and, more importantly, enjoying it. Then there is the design work I'm doing for Mad Robot Miniatures which I am very committed to.

But it is the gaming arena that I want to make some headway. I've got a lot of projects that are either in various states of completion (or lack there of) and I'd like to bring them to playable levels. I think that shall be the theme of this year. Completion.

15mm Scifi
I've got the starts of or the majority of the figures I need for several small units in this area. A few packs toward each will give me several squads to a platoon of any one force. What I am lacking are vehicles, so I think a few vehicles purchases are in order for the new year. Terrain is coming along for this genre already.

20mm Modern
I almost gave up on this one, if not for a few friends who convinced me that I was going in the right direction with this. I have plenty of armor and some APCs. What I need are more infantry, terrain and some soft skin vehicle options for scenario variety. I'll have even MORE armor if I can ever buckled down and assemble some of the plastic kits that I have.

28mm Wild West
More of a side project than anything, I need terrain for this. I'll likely break down and just invest in some card buildings and I have woods. Need cliffs and some rocky terrain to make it all come together.

15mm 18th Century Alcovia
This is a project I started right at the end of 2011 and promises to be fun. I'll be recreating the war of unification fought by the first king of Alcovia to unit the disparate people of the Alcovian Steppes into a nation state.

28mm Dark Ages
Chuggging away n Dark Ages scenery to use with my Vikings.


  1. Happy New Year Eli! My one resolution is to get you on Skype!

    For Wild West terrain I suggest going paper, Whitewash City, and the saloon is free on their site. What about the moderns, what genre?

    Obviously looking forward to more sculpting endeavors from Lead People this year too.

  2. I am glad you didn't give up the 20mm moderns. I enjoy reading Alvcovia.

  3. I was never planning to give up Alcovia, just the scale.


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