Wednesday, December 21, 2011

...By Their Cover

Darned right I'll judge them. Judge them to be AWESOME!

My buddy Chuck at Portobello Road just keeps getting better and better with the craftsmanship on his handmade journals. What he can do with a hand full of paper, some leather and a burning tool is amazing. Each time I check them out I just see him getting better and better and with so much variety.

I've taken the liberty of posting a crap ton of images of the various finished and WIP books he's been doing. Many of these are custom work while others are simply the artistic expression of a talented craftsman and good friend.



  1. Eventually I am going to have to break down and get him to make me a Cthulhu themed one which I can use in my CoC games.

  2. Nice Ganesha there, nice work all around actually.

  3. Awesome!

    I'm so glad you mentioned these. I never know what gift to get my Stepdad.

    He's into writing poetry and reading westerns, so a hand-crafted leather journal with a ranch brand of his initials burnt into it should put me over the top.

    Eventually I'll get one for myself too. Is there a dice chucker who doesn't want a custom made journal?

  4. Glad you all like them. Chuck can do pretty much any sort of art or effect. Custom work is not a problem.


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