Sunday, October 2, 2011

Revisiting X-Plorers

Back when X-Plorers first hit the scene, I had cranked out a couple of alternate character classes. One of them, the Pilot, was designed to fill an obviously hole I felt was present in the game. Sure there were classes that could pilot, but science fiction is full of hotshots, freighter captains, aces and other forms of specialist pilots.

The other class I came up with was more for the fun of it and it was the Star Marshal. This character was geared toward playing a game that used X-P as a core system but in a setting that was a bit more populace and focused on what was going on in inhabited space and in established colonies more so than on the frontier edge of unknown space.

I've included the two class write-ups below.

If you'd like to take a look at the original posts just go here for the Pilot and here for the Star Marshal.




  1. Nice! Good to see you bring these out again. I find myself really getting drawn back into the coolness of X-plorers!

  2. Is X-Plorers worth checking out? I've been a Traveller and Star Frontiers fan for quite a long time. Is there something that X-Plorers does that makes it more interesting?

  3. I like X-P for basically being an OD&D set of house rules for strapping on a sci-fi game. That said I've no problem with alternate/additional classes! Thanks & cheers..


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