Thursday, April 29, 2010

[X-Plorers] New Class For X-Plorers - Star Marshal

One of the concepts I have always liked in scifi settings is the concept of how law does or can work in space. Many settings have some representation of law enforcement and whether they are marshals with no borders, local sherifs, or some sort of corporate security, they all provide a fun and enriching RPG alternative to the usual adventuring or military stories that most scifi RPGs seem to be built around.

Law enforcement games present some interesting possibilities to players and GMs alike. With cop games, the adventures are often a bit easier to initiate as all it takes is being handed a case, but they are also open enough to allow players to stumble on things or create their own missions or goals through role-playing. Another interesting point of law enforcement campaigns is that though the characters have a good amount of power, the nature of star law usually leaves the characters with little or no backup. So, though they may have lotso f resources in material they really do have to be careful how they use that as opposed to military campaigns where the soldier characters seldom have to worry much about how they use their resources.

I think that X-Plorers has a place for some sort of law enforcement role-playing as well. Though they might not mesh well with "galactic troubleshooters" all the time, these characters could definitely make guest appearances as NPCs or as short-term PCs. Also, entire side campaigns could be played around them or they might present an interesting opportunity for a game with fewer players than normal.

The class presented here is an adaptation of a concept originally conceived of by Will over at Green Skeleton Gaming Guild and I for an alternate X-P setting we had been working on. I have made the class a bit more generic so that it mightb e used by anybody regardless of the themes of their setting.

Star Marshal
Throughout space there are men and women tasked with dispensing justice and upholding the law. Because of the vast reaches of space and the relatively low number of personnel in this single organization, star marshals are given sweeping judicial powers. Though their code of conduct strictly forbids abuse of these powers, marshals are given complete police powers, as well as those of jury and if needed executioner.

Marshals are allowed to pursue their quarry to the ends of known space and even given authorization to cross political borders if needed, though they are wise to do so under cover so as not to risk undue strain on political relationships. The execution of a target is frowned on even if it is authorized and marshals are encouraged to pursue non-lethal means if at all possible.


  1. Nice writeup, but you had me at Outland!

    word verification: zonsis

  2. I always liked to imagine that Outland took place in the same universe as Alien and Aliens.

  3. Outland, Alien, Aliens AND Blade Runner.

  4. Ah! hard to recognize Connery impressions in text!

  5. Eli, another great class! You're on a roll lately for sure. I'm working on a few of my own but I seem to be struggling with some of the parameters inherent in X-plorers. Any advice is appreciated! :)

  6. I'd be happy to provide what I can. I am by far no expert on X-P.

    I find that asking myself if the class I am producing stands on its own and brings something interesting to the game is the first step. Also, does it fit an archetype or fill a niche not covered under the main rules?

    In most cases, I will borrow skills from other classes and then make up one or two skills for the new class. The way X-P works with all the skill rules being self-contained within the classes themselves, this is easy to do without having to rewrite whole sections of game.

  7. Outland was always one of the best scifi movies. Plus, it stars Sir Sean.


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