Thursday, April 22, 2010

[X-Plorers] New Class For X-Plorers - Pilot

X-plorers seems to make a lot of generalizations in its approach to sci-fi adventure and in doing so seems to completely miss a few of the standard archetypes of the genre. Even in the canon X-P setting, it seems odd that there is not a professional pilot among the character classes. To this end, I have cobbled together what I beleive is a suitable specialist pilot character class for the game.

The pilot is not intended to replace the scout and technician class but provides players with a character who is most at home behind the controls of a starship. We all know the sort from Han Solo to Starbuck to Buck Rogers pilots have been counted among some of the most memorable heroes of the scifi genre. It should also be noted that there is no reason that a pilot should be left out of the action of the meat of any adventure. In the science fiction genre it is not all that uncommon to see our space jockies leading the way with blaster and ray gun at the ready.

So here is the pilot optional character class for X-Plorers...

Though scouts and technicians have skill in piloting, Pilots are the true specialists. When it comes to getting the most out of a ship, Pilots are the people to talk to. Keen senses and intuition allow a Pilot to turn a spacecraft or other vehicle into a deadly weapon. Pilots also have the necessary skills and expertise to repair and maintain their vehicles as well as the survival skills to endure should they find themselves stranded or wrecked by the countless dangers of space.


  1. drats I cant type
    (broken fingers and all)

    Was the PILOT in Serenity also in the movie, Animal House?

  2. Funny, I never caught that as a wink to Animal House but now it's totally there!

  3. Darn you Eli,
    Your making me wanna dig out my X-plorers books and watch Serenity on DVD!

  4. Sorry there, Will. I'm sure you'll survive :)

  5. Nice! I agree completely. I'm going to start laying out the BHP version of X-Plorers in May and I might want to include your pilot class in it. :)

  6. Cool. Go right ahead. Just remember where you got it from :)

  7. VERY nice Eli! I'm working on a few new classes myself (as well as a setting, items, etc.) and I think you're right on about the pilots being missed. It's such a basic element of sci-fi lore in general.

    Nice work!

  8. I have been cobbling a few and trying to recover artwork and data on the other races that Will and I worked on. Haven't had a lot of time though.

    I even have a half-cobbled psionics system that I think presents psionics in more of a technical and not so mystical way.


  9. I have my own copy of the entire season of Firefly. Alan Tudyk's Wash was one of my favorite characters ever. Pissed me off when they killed him in Serenity.

    "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"


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